Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nate Berkus.

Let me recap all the reasons why I love him and then I will show you the goods....

He doesn't fall prey to the latest and coolest fabric per the blogosphere.  He has a passion for history.  He uses high end antiques and West Elm just the same.  He is not a modernist or traditionalist.  He is Nate Berkus and strikes the perfect balance dead on the nose every.single.time.  And guess what?  It's pure, unadulterated talent what he has.  No interior design degree.  Wow.  He can probably take the homemade pottery your Aunt Laurel gave you for Christmas and make you love it like never before.  Oh and he loves nubuck leather as much as I do.  You can pretty much see it in ANY of his designs.   

So needless to say I was soooo excited when I peeked into the newest issue of House Beautiful where Nate does a home office in a day.  The play by play is all there.  Here are some pictures of the finishes space.

I love the leaning gold mirror.  You know it.  It really highlights the high ceilings.  Interestingly, those wooden dishes on the wall were stored away in the kitchen.  Nate unearthed them, and voila....instant art.  Those nubuck chairs were already owned by the clients.  No surprise Nate kept them.  I love the Jelly Cat monkey.  We have one.  It helps keep things real in this room.

 That seventies lucite/acrylic chandy adds such a fun twist to this room.  It keeps things light, airy, yet it's unexpected.  And of course, a shot of animal print always adds some sex appeal to the room.  That tuxedo sofa helps with that, too, of course.  The desk in the bay window is awesome.  In our old house in Chicago, I had my desk in the dormer of our master and it was soo nice to have a window to look out of whilst working.  The refreshing brightness of daylight shining on your desk may be all the java you need.
Ok, not really, but it totally helps!

This bookcase/work station was already installed.  Nate simply tidied it up by adding baskets and through cord control!  He also added some frames and knick knacks.

So this room pretty much summarizes all the design elements I love...Sunlight, books and books and books, herringbone floors, a splash of animal print, some pretty green plants, GRAY, vintage nubuck camel colored leather, lucite, woven baskets, ethnic tchochkes, and gold....a little bit of gold goes a long way.  Oh and also, simple, cozy throw pillows.

And speaking of Nate, whilst browsing Facebook yesterday I saw he announced that come October he will have his home line at TARGET!!  YESSSSSS

Here is a sneak peek of one of Nate's favorite items from his Target home collection that he posted on FB yesterday.  Can't wait.

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