Monday, April 23, 2012

Sally Wheat does it again! House Tour

Four years ago while doing my regular blogolandia rounds I stopped over at Joni's and lo and behold, there it was-one of the house tours I have gone back to and studied over and over and over again- Sally Wheat's home!  I loved all the neutral tones.  They were so calming-exactly what I need after a long day.  Although it was all neutral, it was far from "boring beige."  Each room was filled with just the right amount of interesting art from architecturally interesting items like antique shutters and Bolivian driftwood to oil portraits to butterfly collections to religious relics, etc.

And so, when I heard she was redecorating, I could hardly contain my excitement.  Admittedly, while I am still partial to neutral, classic decor, I do enjoy pops of color.

Without further ado, here is Sally Wheat's new home as featured in Modern Luxury Interiors Texas Mag.

Love the big statement abstract print over the Dorothy Draper Chest in the entryway.

Amanda Talley painting over the fireplace, check!  Really like the pops of pink in this room.
I think she simply reupholstered the sofas she already had in a grey velvet.  She kept the antique shutters.  Everything is still neutral with a little bit more color.  Still soothingly calm.  Love it.

The living room is electric, but still subdued.  That Queen Elizabeth print, the hot pink La Fiorentina upholstered chairs, that vintage mirrored coffee table, and abstract paintings, oh and the African milking stool...Love it all.  Although I think the Queen Elizabeth print definitely MAKES this living room.

The blue velvet Milo chairs and that chrome and sheepskin? bench look amazing next to the warm, traditional, wood trestle table.

Below is a closeup of the wallpaper in the dining room.  Isn't this little lucite bar adorable?

The Master.  Quite the Master indeed.  Neutral with a little funk.

The Dorothy Draper chests frame that fab bed perfectly.

The master bath.  What is there to say?  An oasis.  That brass bamboo chair makes my heart skip a beat.

Not much changed in the kitchen save for some art and accessories...And why would this kitchen change?  It's classic.  Melds seamlessly with the new design of the house.

The breakfast room

Love the vignette below.  I am pretty sure the photo leaning up against the wall is part of the Praia Piquinia series by Christian Chaize.  I was so happy when I saw the Harry Allen Golden piggy bank that I had been lusting over for so long before I decided on another golden piggy bank.  ;)

Her son's room-  The industrial Circa lighting light fixture, the old album covers, the metal framed bunks, the guitar...this room is perfectly cool and all boy without the falling prey to 
the "blue boy room disease" as I call it.  

Sally Wheat has most definitely done it again.  To check out more pictures of her newly designed home or of her other projects, visit her facebook page.  It's full of goodies!

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