Friday, April 20, 2012

MLS STALKING! Dutch South African Village Coral Gables, FL HOUSE TOUR!

 George Merrick founded the City of Coral Gables with a Mediterranean style home in mind in the early 1920s.  However, he later decided to develop villages in Coral Gables to include as many as 15-20 themed villages with specific international architecture.  The purpose behind this endeavor was to attract more Northeners to purchase homes in “The City Beautiful”.  

As he planned this project he made sure to hire the most noteworthy architects in each style of home to design each village.  However, Merrick was unable to finish the project.  Only 80 of the 1,000 planned houses were built as a result of an economic downturn and a hurricane that struck South Florida in 1926.  Nevertheless, the 80 that he did complete, remain to this day some of the most sought homes in Coral Gables to this day.

The Dutch South African Village, one of Merrick's original villages,  is a collection of houses in the southern part of Coral Gables, south of US-1, off of Le Jeune Rd, near the Cocoplum Circle.  

These houses were designed to resemble the farmhouses of Dutch colonists who settled in South Africa in the 17th century.  This group of homes, advertised as the first of its style in America, were completed in May of 1927 and were designed by Palm Beach architect, Marion Sims Wyeth. 

As I was looking at the MLS, I came across this stunning Dutch Colonial Coral Gables home, and I knew I HAD to clear my schedule for the next few minutes to share it.  It's beautiful, and it's a perfect example of the rich, historic homes you can find in Merrick's villages in City Beautiful.  
I love the contrast of the ebony stained door, white facade, red shingle roof, and terracotta tiles.

 This house strikes the perfect balance of simplicity and drama.  
 The ceiling in this room is fantastic.  That painting leaning up against the wall on the right and the height of the fireplace really draw the eyes up.  I really like how simple they kept the fireplace.
The room below is one of my favorite.  The Dutch Colonial bed surrounded by a sea of white and coupled with a modern wire bookcase really updates that Dutch Colonial look and doesn't make it feel so heavy.
 I really like the simplicity and the industrial edge of this bathroom.

This kitchen, while more modern than I would prefer in my own home, is quite beautiful.  It reminds me of a kitchen you would find in a Spanish shelter mag.
The home looks spectacular at favorite time of day.

 Adorable outdoor sitting area.

I am going to try to find some homes in some of the other villages in Coral Gables and post them soon.  Have a great weekend!

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