Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Have I confessed my love for fat babies? (let's talk art and furniture and big box stores)


Well, I do. I love them. We used to warmly call our own baby "fat baby," but now we have moved on to calling him "chubby" or "chubs."

So it shouldn't surprise you that I love this living room given that it's pretty neutral, has an ethnic looking rug, that Hermes tray-I could live with that ;) add to all that an adorably rubinesque baby girl as art over the mantle, and I am sold.

The point of this post is not to brag about my chubby baby, although admittedly, he is adorable and absolutely scrumptious.

The point of this post is to show you that you don't have to wait till you're all grown up and can afford stuff at the auction house to dress up your walls. You don't have to buy "fake art" that you don't love with just because your blank walls are yelling at you each time you walk through the front door. What do I mean by "fake art?"

Say you like Paris, and you want your house to exude Paris, so you go to the store and buy a bunch of little Eiffel towers, and wall art that has black stilletos and black dress silhouettes and photos of moody French cafes. Don't get me wrong, that's fine if you walk through your front door each day and absolutely love looking at these items in your house and on your walls.

However, if you don't love them, but want a quick painless way to show that you love Paris, what I am saying is, don't. Don't take the easy way out. More likely than not, you won't be 100% happy with Home Goods' version of Paris. Make your house "you" even if it takes a little longer.

It only takes a few seconds to figure out what exactly it is about Paris that you love in order to figure out what you need to create the right Parisian mood.

For instance, if you love French cafes, think about your breakfast area.

via American Candle

Instead of buying prints of French Cafes and displaying them in your breakfast area, could you maybe create a cozy breakfast area to include those gorgeous French rattan bistro chairs?

Nate Berkus

High Street Market wrote a post about these bistro chairs a while back and where you may be able to purchase some.

Apartment Therapy did as well.

You can also purchase and enjoy a french press. I know I love coffee best from a french press.

via prippyhandbook.blogspot.com

Then as far as art is concerned, simply buy things you love, that are unique, that make you happy, that reflect your family. For instance, if you and your family love Paris, like we were saying, purchase a book with beautiful French photography, and frame your favorite photos. Or if you've been lucky enough to visit Paris, take your own photos and frame them. Also see if you could stop by an antique market or store while you are there. You never know, you may find an inexpensive painting that you love.

Another alternative is to purchase vintage French advertising posters that you love, and framing and displaying them. Amy Beth Cupp Dragoo has a gallery wall of beautiful vintage advertising posters that make quite a statement.

ABCD Designs

You could also show your love for France is in your living room. For instance, rather than displaying prints of French chairs, maybe invest and buy one or two off Craigslist or at a Flea Market, possibly reupholster it to your own taste? Then, you not only have the real deal, which will probably make you happier, but also you will inject your own personality into that item by picking the fabric and incorporating it into your home. It's more personal than simply having a gallery wall of Louis chairs.

Check out Jenny Komenda's redo of some bergere chairs she found at an antique store.

Ballard Designs

Again, please don't get me wrong about what I have coined "fake art."

The point of this post is to get you to really think about what you love and whether that's what you are really seeing in your home. Your home doesn't have to be a reflection of what Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Home Goods, Ethan Allen, Williams Sonoma Home and Crate & Barrel have available and say you should like. Yes, sometimes these stores have beautiful things that speak to us and we buy them, and that's fine. But that doesn't mean they should be the only sources for art and furnishings.

I know this is so cliche at this point because every blogger and designer has said this, but it's true. Your home should be a reflection of you.

So getting back to fat babies.... if you have chunky, beautiful babies, blow up a totally awesome photo of him or her and place it proudly over your mantle. No Pottery Barn picture can possibly compete.

If you love your dog to pieces, take nice photos of him or her and display them. Darryl Carter did this with his pup, and the photos are truly a work of art.

Darryl Carter

Then, if you also love Germany, you can buy inexpensive, vintage, German works of art on Etsy or Ebay. You don't have to display a St. Pauli's girl beer sign, if you don't absolutely love it. ;)

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