Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Words Worth Reading" and some miscellany and such...

If you are looking for some inspiration and some motivation for the "life in general" file, go to here. Sweepingly timely in light of the news that Steve Jobs of Apple is planning to step down, Alaina of Live Creating Yourself has posted an excerpt of the commencement speech Mr. Jobs gave in 2005 to the graduating class of Stanford University.

Other stuff. I went to the Jeanine Guncheon gallery in Forest Park the other day to just browse. They were closed, but I am dying to go back. Must.Have.That.Tree.Art. Jeanine is not privy to this bit of info just yet, but that baby is meant to come home with me. For serious.

I have a penchant for terracotta pots and anything green.

My husband would disagree, but tell me this rug is not fantastic? I am aggressively rooting for someone who has white walls and some white furnishings to please buy it. Cognac leather stool...a huge fern...or one of those huge fiddle leaf trees ...or both...some rustic milking stools or a narrow weather wood bench...yum.

I love monkeys.

Oh and also, I would like to know why people are allowed to walk around looking this stylish and well put together? Let the record reflect how unfair I think that is. ;) She looks soooo fab!!!! ahh!!!

I just wanted to put that out there.

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