Monday, August 1, 2011

Update on my living lamp, new rug, etc

Yes, I took pictures of my living room with my iphone and am certifying it as a blog post. I am sorry guys. I am really tired this week! :/ I think I need to start taking a multi-vitamin.

Ok, so about the living room...

So, obviously, we are far from finished here, but things are moving along nicely.

We still have to bring that big mirror that's over the sofa down a bit (our former sofa had a higher back). We still gotta get a floor lamp. Get pillows for the wing chairs (the ikea kuba cloth ones are temps). But, we are making progress...

I finally settled on throw pillows for the couch after switching them out 30 times in 3 months. (Sorry husband!) The kuba cloth ones on the wing chairs were originally on the couch and are way too big for those wing chairs, but for now, they will do.

I still need to slipcover the ottoman...The fabric I would like to use is Brunschwig & Fils classic "Le Zebre" fabric....Love this fabric...

Although, I have to say that I checked L&S Fabrics and they have one called Bangal in Sand that is pretty beautiful as well for a fraction of the cost. MUCH less expensive.

Aside from slipcovering the ottoman and getting new throw pillows for the wing chairs, as mentioned, I need to get a floor lamp, which I already picked. I just need to drive out and get it. It's the Ikea Barometer lamp, which honestly doesn't look Ikea-y in person. Trust me.

As promised here is a picture of our new alabaster lamp that I bought on ebay. If you know me, you know I love natural stones that are pale with gray veining...So an alabaster lamp was a no-brainer for me. Add to that that it simply won't go out of style next week, and well, the rest was history. It took me a long time to find the right one though.

I really wanted one with as little floral carvings as possible, and I wanted it to be somewhat of a chunky urn shape. Patience is a was rough. I almost gave up and drove myself to Home Goods to just buy whatever they had that sorta looked good enough. But luckily, the day I had planned on doing that, we had a torrential downpour, so I couldn't make it out the door.

Thank the gods for the rain. I mulled it over, did one more ebay search, and this one came up. I bought a new lampshade for it on LampsPlus. 80 bones later, voila.
Ya like my golden pig? Ebay

The pillows are ABCHome and from Etsy.
Here we have the wing chair sans the Ikea throw pillow. The chairs are the Alex chair from Arhaus. In this picture you could see the new rug a little better. It's a diamond patterned indoor/outdoor rug from Pottery Barn that was on clearance. It's softer underfoot that I had thought, and while I think would have liked a 9x12 (it doesn't come in that size), it's perfect for now what with the kids inevitably spilling juice, etc. all over it. We will see if indoor/outdoor rugs truly are every mother's dream.

Below we have the Viva Terra Copenhagen Sideboard being used as a media console. I think I mentioned I have been having a hard time styling this part of the living room, since I see it as a temporary part of it. It looks like we will be renovating the basement this winter. Like I said before, I accessorized the console with stuff I had lying around the house. It's still a work in progress like everything else in this house, but it's "good enough" for now.

And just cause it's RIGHT off the living room, here's our little foyer area with the newly reupholstered chair right by it.

Stay tuned! In the coming weeks, small but very important changes will be happening in this room.