Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Layered/Collected or Minimalist?


Today I find myself thinking a lot about my own aesthetic. Each time I thumb through any magazine, I flip flop between a minimalist style and a layered collected look.

I love how clean minimalism looks, but to be honest, for one, it's a hard look to achieve. It requires a lot of editing and a lot of a restraint (which is hard if you like shopping at antique stores).


A lot of times when I go antiquing and find something I absolutely love, I stop and think whether it's in line with the aesthetic I want to achieve in my own home. I look through the file of inspirational images that I keep in my brain for that particular room, and I battle with myself for a while. I go back and forth, even after I leave the store with or without the thing I fell in love with, wondering whether I truly want a minimalist look, or whether I want my house to be an ever growing collection of all the things my family and I love, even if it looks a little cluttery.

I start to wonder whether I even want a minimalist look at all. But then the OCD side of me chimes in and says...."with all that stuff, you will never be done cleaning the house."

Here is a more collected look by Miles Redd. He is definitely one of my favorite designers, but I don't think I could live with piles of knick knacks and stuff everywhere day to day.

miles redd
miles redd

I guess what I am trying to say is that I try not to compartmentalize my life and my aesthetic. While I love magazine worthy minimalist looks and collected and layered looks alike, in my own day to day life, I aim to strike a balance that works for my family and myself.

I am not going to deny myself a work of art that I fall head over heels for and is in the budget simply because it wasn't in the initial plan and I may not know off the top of my head where I will put it. This is not to say I am planning my debut on the next episode of Hoarders either.

It's taken me a while to figure out what I truly like, which is not minimalist or super collected at all. My aesthetic I guess sits happily somewhere in between, which, I think, is the case for most people in real every day life as opposed to shelter magazine life.

I think Nate Berkus, for instance, strikes a good balance for me. His designs are generally neutral and soothing to the eye like a minimalist style, but also collected in that he aims to "decorate" with collections of things he loves or his client loves that have meaning to that family. Also, his collections of stuff in a design seem more "doable" to me for day to day life in that they can easily take things off the end table for cleaning up.
Nate Berkus
Nate Berkus

In any event, the point to my post is to show minimalist, somewhere in between, and super collected. All three can be completely, insanely gorgeous, and each of us lies somewhere on that spectrum. Figuring out where is up to each homeowner and designer alike.

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