Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Katagami Art and Etsy

Katagami cherry blossom via Couleurs

It was the 1980s and all the girls were fawning over Cabbage Patch Kid stencils and Fashion Plates. It was all the rage. These were my favorite "toys" so to speak, and frankly I never outgrew my love of stencils. In fact, I have some like this stashed away.

Fastforward to the 2000s...I discovered Katagami. Basically, Japanese stencils used to print designs on fabric, may times for kimonos. I have loved the patterns they create for a long time.

It's not surprising to me that Steve Gambrel and Eric Cohler, two of my favorite designers, both designed rooms with framed katagami. Genius and just beautiful. Lauren Stern also has a brilliant collection over her sofa.

Lauren Stern, via designsponge

Steven Gambrel via tokyojinja

Eric Cohler via tokyojinja

After the earthquake in Japan there were a lot of etsy sellers and ebay seller giving part if not all the proceeds of their sales to Japan and as I perused the offerings I realized you could buy antique katagami on etsy. Who woulda thunk it?

You can see these and many more on ebay and etsy, although this time around I didn't find as many on etsy. Type in "katagami" in the search box on ebay and these should come up.

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