Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Careful Peach

Is a local store here in Oak Park that I love to visit every now and again. They have so many unique, hand picked antique items and not to mention beautiful table settings.

I was strolling through and snapped some quick shots of some of their beautiful inventory.

A lovely lantern.
So simple and pretty, and it's one of those things that's not a trend

A set of 11x14 ready to frame vegetable prints for $99

I'd love this basket for Alfie's dresser to corral all the random stuff
I find in his room on a daily basis
I've always had a thing for religious relics. Especially when they are bronze. I always think of Sally Wheats' home as featured on Cote de Texas when I see crosses like these anywhere.

Really like the statue of the pup as well as the cup being used as a pencil/pen holder

I've seen similar tiny boxes at Jayson Home & Garden

That tray has a stamped honeycomb pattern...reminds me of snakeskin too though...beautiful
Love the colors on this artichoke themed tablecloth
Inviting window display that taunted me in

Hope you enjoyed some window shopping this past weekend...
It's one of my favorite sports in case you hadn't noticed ;)

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