Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Katagami Art and Etsy

Katagami cherry blossom via Couleurs

It was the 1980s and all the girls were fawning over Cabbage Patch Kid stencils and Fashion Plates. It was all the rage. These were my favorite "toys" so to speak, and frankly I never outgrew my love of stencils. In fact, I have some like this stashed away.

Fastforward to the 2000s...I discovered Katagami. Basically, Japanese stencils used to print designs on fabric, may times for kimonos. I have loved the patterns they create for a long time.

It's not surprising to me that Steve Gambrel and Eric Cohler, two of my favorite designers, both designed rooms with framed katagami. Genius and just beautiful. Lauren Stern also has a brilliant collection over her sofa.

Lauren Stern, via designsponge

Steven Gambrel via tokyojinja

Eric Cohler via tokyojinja

After the earthquake in Japan there were a lot of etsy sellers and ebay seller giving part if not all the proceeds of their sales to Japan and as I perused the offerings I realized you could buy antique katagami on etsy. Who woulda thunk it?

You can see these and many more on ebay and etsy, although this time around I didn't find as many on etsy. Type in "katagami" in the search box on ebay and these should come up.

Monday, August 29, 2011

yes I know!! the stars are aligning, there must be a full moon, hell must be freezing over!!

two posts in one day!?

BUT I couldn't wait till tomorrow...One of my favorite designers, Erika Powell, Urban Grace, was featured in Better Homes & Gardens as a stylemaker. It seems she was surprised they picked her. Well, I think we can all agree we are not surprised at all. Any time she posts a photo of herself and/or her darling baby, Sloane, everyone asks her about what she or her daughter are wearing, carrying, etc. and as soon as she responds, I am certain that item goes out of stock.

You must read this! So fun. Congrats Erika!!

Do you visit "Hooked on Houses"? (House Tour)

I have been hooked on "Hooked on Houses" since Al Gore invented the internet. Well, that's impossible, but it seems that long. It was one of the blogs that had me at hello when I first discovered what I blog was -circa 2007/2008...Something like that.

Anyway, Hooked on Houses has a way of continually sweeping me off my feet, especially when they feature craftsman or bungalow homes since I live in one of those. Well, back in February, my birthday month, while catching up on my blog reading, I saw Sheryl Crow's home featured on Hooked on Houses. Julia mentioned it was featured on Architectural Digest's March 2011 issue, so naturally I ran out and bought it. It was the best birthday present I got. JK husband! Yours was. But you guys get what I mean. It was up there with a fantastic birthday surprise.

So today I want to share with you Sheryl's home...one of my most favorite homes ever ever ever. Hooked on Houses featured it back in February

I rediscovered this house tour on Live Creating Yourself a week or two ago, and realized I had never shared it with you all. Shame on me because honeys, it's delightful.

Here are some of my favorite photos of it.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dear People, it's Friday. It's time to get social! Bar cart heaven

You know bar carts are all the rage. I double dog dare you to pick up any random shelter mag you have lying around, the one closest in proximity works, or heck, just google Lonny...I guarantee there's a bart cart in there somewhere. You won't have to play Where's Waldo's bar cart with this one...Trust me.

It may or may not be your thing to have a bar cart. You may think it's a bit too trendy and turn your design nose up at it. Or you may be all about this classic furniture piece and think it will outlast trend mania.

Either way, I was catching up on my blog reading and came across these bar carts by a company called Society Social featured on Effortless Style.
My favorite is the snakeskin...rawr.

"Words Worth Reading" and some miscellany and such...

If you are looking for some inspiration and some motivation for the "life in general" file, go to here. Sweepingly timely in light of the news that Steve Jobs of Apple is planning to step down, Alaina of Live Creating Yourself has posted an excerpt of the commencement speech Mr. Jobs gave in 2005 to the graduating class of Stanford University.

Other stuff. I went to the Jeanine Guncheon gallery in Forest Park the other day to just browse. They were closed, but I am dying to go back. Must.Have.That.Tree.Art. Jeanine is not privy to this bit of info just yet, but that baby is meant to come home with me. For serious.

I have a penchant for terracotta pots and anything green.

My husband would disagree, but tell me this rug is not fantastic? I am aggressively rooting for someone who has white walls and some white furnishings to please buy it. Cognac leather stool...a huge fern...or one of those huge fiddle leaf trees ...or both...some rustic milking stools or a narrow weather wood bench...yum.

I love monkeys.

Oh and also, I would like to know why people are allowed to walk around looking this stylish and well put together? Let the record reflect how unfair I think that is. ;) She looks soooo fab!!!! ahh!!!

I just wanted to put that out there.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

If I were a man,

I would wear this and carry that. I love black or navy paired with tan, soft, buttery leather. But we already talked about this. I am just iterating and saying that if I were a man, things would be only slightly different.

Holy House Tour! ( Jennifer Dyer)

Did you see Jennifer Dyer's house tour on Apartment Therapy last Friday? I've had a crazy hectic couple of weeks, but this post has been on my mind from
the second the post went up on AT.

I have been following Jennifer's work for a while now. It's no surprise since she broke into the interior design field in my hometown, Miami. She took a leap of faith, quit her 9-5 and interned at a very reputable design firm in Miami for 6 months. She knew she had what it took to be a designer, and boy was she right. I am stupefied by this house tour. I have mentioned before how much I love soft corals, golds, and creams....Well, her living room are these colors.

If you haven't checked out her home tour, you must, so here it be in all its awesomeness.

Why hello there white house, black shutters, and hydrangeas...no surprise I love this house already.

I love that green vase.
The photo of the wavy ocean...beautiful.
I've seen these end tables over and over and love them more each time. I remember pier 1 had a similar end table a couple of years ago that I tried to get, but they sold out like hot cakes.

The kitchen...need I say more? Although my favorite item in the kitchen is the brass beehive.
This has been in my dining room inspiration folder before I even knew who Jennifer Dyer was. I love the contrasts in this room. I particularly like the narrow console table-white (maybe marble?) and brass. Very pretty.
That lamp was one of the main reasons this dining room went in my inspiration folder. It's beyond anything I have ever seen before. Sure you've seen driftwood lamps before. But this one's beauty is nonpareil. It is driftwood right? Or are my eyes deceiving me?
That tufted yellow wingback chair is perfection against the gray walls. I am not a yellow person. I would never paint a wall yellow in my own home. But this injection of yellow is something I could live with. It echoes all the beautiful brass finishes perfectly.
Adorable powder room. Check out that mirror. And that sink.
This is my favorite room in the house. To start, that painting with the monks is so calming. Those yellow door really play off the painting well. The fabric choices in this room are just what I like...corals, soft pinks, handblocked prints, creams...I love.

Media room looks comfortable, and having a bar right off of it is, well, ;) Well thought out.

That chest with the giant fern on it...you know I will be up at 2 am thinking about it every day this month. Atleast.

You can't go wrong with beadboard, soaking tub, and marble in my book.

This is one of my favorite chandeliers ever. So classic. This closet is sooo fun! I could hang out in there all day.

Tada! The end! Are you sad? I am.
Which is why I keep scrolling back up and looking at all the pictures over and over again.