Saturday, July 16, 2011

Some green

Katie Brown's home featured in Country Living via sweetiepiepumpkinnoodle

I want a big fat fern. The more crazy and out of control it looks, the better.
But I have a black thumb. I feel bad taking all those pretties home from the Home Dip to my little shop of horrors, to their final resting place. I can see them all lined up at store, taunting me, showing off their best features, and little do they know their fate when I plop them into my trunk. Don't know what my problem is. Even my succulents look sad, and I've read it's impossible to kill them on my neighbor's blog, Making It Lovely.

So I've been thinking about bringing some green in to my house in other non-lethal ways.
And then I remembered John Derian and decoupage and Kaas Glassworks!

Not into green? pffft...That's ok, I guess. They got camels, too.

one hump

two hump

a lemur even!

and some coral deliciousness that reminds me of Williams Sonoma Home.

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  1. Katie Brown's home is still one of my faves! Great idea to bring some ferns in that you can't kill off! I have a horrible time with house plants too, I don't know what it is, but I can rarely keep them alive for more than a few months.