Thursday, July 7, 2011

Parlez-Vous Polyvore? Polyvore Tutorial!

I know. I am old. You know how I know??? Because I am late to the party ALWAYS. And I don't mean that in a social sense like I am fashionably late. I mean that like I am partial to hand drawings and sketches and actually writing my to-do lists with an actual pen rather than thumbing arthritically into my iphone. Shocker, I know! While I have an iphone and I like gadgets (how old school a term is that?), I am a creature of habit, and it took me a long time to get into Polyvore.

Here is a simple design board I came up with in 5 minutes thanks to the genius of Polyvore.

Another Living Room

Now everyone is all into pinterest, I know, and I like it, too, but as a way to catalog images I like. BUT with Polyvore, you can manipulate the images to make your own inspiration boards/clipboards/what have you with items you have or other people have "clipped" or pinned or whatever you want to call it. It's the digital version of that idea board on cork with push pins.

So like I said, I'm super late to the party, but you should join me anyway cause it's superbly fun! By the way, since I just admitted to so no being tech saavy, that will explain why my images below for my tutorial are so small...I have no idea why they are so small and don't know what to do to make them larger...sigh.
I am in the process of redesigning my blog, so hopefully I won't have these issues in the very soon future!

So with all that on the table, I thought I should write up a tutorial in case you haven't gotten into this addictive website yet.

It's not that hard, I promise.

Here we go:

First thing's first. Register. Obviamente.

Then you will follow this tutorial on their site to add a clipper button to your toolbar.

Once you have done that, you will see a "clip to polyvore" button on your toolbar.

Then, you go back to the webpage and click "Create."

After that, you go to the search box, and you can type in a search for any item or store you want to see if someone has already clipped what you are looking for. If your search produces the item you want, save it to your items.

If the search does not produce the item you want, then you open another window, go to the website where you can find the item you want and search for it. Once it comes up, you click the "clip to polyvore" button on your toolbar. A pop up gray message will come up on the upper right hand corner of your screen- "click on the images you want to save to polyvore"

So you click on the image, and a green outline will show up. Click the image, and then click "save" in the gray message box. If a green little check mark appears in the gray box, that means you successfully clipped it.
A red x will show up in the gray message box if you are trying to clip things from certain websites such as ebay, etsy, or straight off google.
However, there is a way around that. If you find the image on someone's blog, you can clip the etsy, ebay, or google image off of the blog. shh ;)

Once you have the images you want either through searching or clipping them, you go to "Create" then "My Items" and all the items you saved from your search or that you yourself clipped will appear there. You can then simply drag and drop them onto your canvas, so to speak.

You can then choose to keep the background as it comes, or you can customize the image, which essentially means cropping it.

If you want your images to overlap, for example if you want the couch to sit on top of the rug you picked rather than the rug eclipsing your couch, you can click on the rug, press the shift key on your keyboard, and click "Backwards" at the same time.
Alternatively, you can click the couch, press the shift key on your keyboard, and click "Forwards"

I hope this was helpful, and happy polyvoring!!

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