Thursday, July 21, 2011

Feast your eyes...

Ha! Made ya look ;) I am talking about the set, sillies. This kid is so not my type. Too scrawny. If you know my husband and I IRL, you know I'm for reals.

Anyway, do you watch Royal Pains? My bff turned me onto it last summer. It's a fun, stressfree show to watch, but what has me really, really hooked is the set and all the scenes of all the homes in the Hamptons that they visit on an emergency call. OH MY GAWD....these homes are fabulous. Hank's place is not too shabby either.

I can't remember whether these first few bedroom scenes are part of the house that Hank, the doc, and his brother and business partner, Evan, share, but whatever the case, I love this bedroom. I know, I know, there's a theme. I am not super into themes, especially nautical or beach themes, but, I have to say, I like this one. It's subtle. The ship's wheel sconces, the wave-like wood plaque over the bed, the navy blue headboard, and the painting certainly do give off that ship, nautical feel. BUT I like that the color palette is neutral. It's not the typical red, white and blue palette.

The campaign style furniture, AWESOME.

And that screen or window or whatever it is with that trellis, fretwork, lattice or whatever you want to call it, I am allllll over that...Beautiful.

Did you notice the casual pop of pink? I am such a sucker for a pop of pink....Or Pantone's Honeysuckle color for 2011, which is just a fancy pink.... ;)
Moving on to Hank and Evan's living room. Again very beachy feel without being kitchy beach themed. Lots of neutrals, soft blues...beautiful. I really love that staircase as well.
The fireplace is not my stilo, but I can't say it's ugly. I love that lamp below. Circa has so many lamps that look just like that. On a budget? No fear (me too)...go here. Never thought I would say this, but here goes nothing....JCPenney & Cindy Crawford rock my socks (sometimes).

La cucina....You can't tell from the picture since I took super ghettooo photos of my tv screen, but the kitchen has gray still my heart

Another pic of the living room area. Notice that gorgeous lantern hanging over the landing on the steps?

The bar area, which is just off the living room area. Beautiful abstract painting, which reminds me of Steve Giannetti's artwork. In fact, this whole house reminds me of Brooke Giannetti's style.

And to show you that the house is not the only background in this show that is droolworthy, check out this storefront where the doc and his physician's assistant, Divia, went to visit a patient!! Dreamy.

Brunch in the courtyard at someone else's fantastic looking castle of a house?
Well, if you insist.............I must oblige ;)

And last but certainly not the least, lots of white and lots of ethnic kilim looking pillows. PERFECTION!!!

Hope I've convinced you to watch the show! I may be updating and including more photos as I continue to watch this summer. :)

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