Friday, June 3, 2011

Treehouse that's almost bigger than my house!

OK. Not REALLY. But still, it's huge! And beautiful.

Growing up, I always dreamed of a treehouse; but unfortunately, the only trees around my hood were palm trees. Pretty as they are, palm trees weren't gonna work for the treehouse I was dreaming up.

I can't say it looked like David Hernandez and Teresa Surrat's below. It was a little more frilly and in the Barbie aesthetic.

David Hernandez and Teresa Surratt bought a property in a very woodsy area in Wisconsin's Sugar Creek Township. It was a 1920s resort they call Camp Wandawega.

When they bought the property, Hernandez's dad was sick. During a visit to the property, his dad christened a big elm tree in the center of the camp by hanging a tire swing from it. Sadly, a year and a half after they bought the property, Hernandez’s father passed away.

Later, Hernandez and Surrat found out that the tree had Dutch elm disease. Rather than cutting it down, they decided to stick with it, and covert what was left of this special tree into a treehouse.

Camp Wandawega has now been turned into an adult arts camp, and through the collaboration of a variety of designers and artists, the treehouse was built. The the tire swing still remains.

Such a beautiful outcome!!

You can read more about this treehouse on Chicago Home Mag's website.

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