Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I've been bad

I missed my Motivational Monday post! :/ I know. I was a little under the weather.

But here's a little inspiration for today from the Keep Calm Gallery.
I want this for the playroom. It's on the list.

Also, I thought I might share with you a product that amazed me!
You see, I bought these sterling silver candlestick holders at a consignment store, but they were sooooo tarnished. I honestly wasn't sure I was going to keep them.
However, I wanted to give cleaning them a go. I started off with a homemade approach. I used baking soda, which on the interwebs is said to be good for cleaning metals. errrrgh...not. It did nothing, zip, zilch, nada darn thing.

Then, I remembered I had bought a metal cleaning paste on Amazon a while back. It's called Maas, and it's amazing. Has a strong smell though, just a heads up.

So, I pulled it out from under the kitchen sink, added a spoonful of elbow grease, and "walla!" Seriously, this picture doesn't do the tarnish justice. They were NASTY GROSS TARNISHED. But now, they are lovely. Oh, and the pair cost me $15. :)

My plan is to start a collection.
via splendidwillow.com

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