Monday, June 13, 2011

I have a serious problem...

with the google. I can spend countless hours googling something a gazillion different ways to the point of utter insanity. I can't make myself stop. If I see an image I like, and I don't know the source, I will search and search to pages with foreign languages that I can't even feign interest in learning, until I find the original idea or imagination maker. Yes, I am ill.

ok. So here we go....

Sconces. Yes, that's all this post is about. That and my obsessive compulsive disorder.

I want sconces in my dining room, but I also have design a.d.d. when it comes to my own home, so I have not decided on what kind.

In the interim, I remembered that I had seen at antique stores and online, many times, these tin or mirrored or mosaic (just a few of the millions of search terms I used in the google) sconces.

And I love them. And now I am wondering if I am also hallucinating because of course I now see them everywhere. Where were they before this sconce problem began? I guess we only see the things we want to see. Ok, now I am getting all dark and twisty, so I will stop.

Anyway, but again, I can't just bite the bullet. So I am mulling it over. Lying awake at night, thinking about these sconces. Wondering whether they will evoke the right mood I want for my home. I wonder what my husband would think about this. I have a problem...

Here they be. Aren't they all pretty and sparkly? I think they would rise up to greet me as I stumble down the stairs to the dining room each morning in search of that Holy Grail that is caffeine. Maybe they would even be sparkly and happy and pretty enough to kick that said bad habit. Doubtful, but I still like them.

I think a collection of a variety of vintage mirrored sconces on a wall could look really beautiful.

Shades of Light

Direct From Mexico



  1. do you know about ? It's like a reverse photo search. Assuming you already have the photo and need to find the source.

  2. No, but thank you! I will DEFINITELY look into it.