Thursday, June 23, 2011

i can't stop thinking about pillows.

Especially pillows that haven't been "done" before. For instance, I still love Schumacher's Imperial Trellis and am not at all knocking it, but lately, I've been craving something with uniqueness.

These are all from Etsy or abchome.
So here we go...

preppy and adorable...via octavi

loving the turquoise! via decidedlychic

RAWR, a little snake action...via chantalmari

kilim, via sukan

via sukan

stripey velvet, just beautiful! via homemakermovement

this pillow kind of reminds me of Tracery Interiors logo, which I am kind of in love with
via homemakermovement

ooh la la!!
via homemakermovement

loves this color combination and the subtle tiger print has it going on
via giardino

this is most definitely one of my faves
via giardino

tie dye velvet, for the hippy in me, via abchome

amber silk velvet, delicious, via abchome

silk stripe, a little luxury for the prepster, via abchome


Now someone, please go buy these, so I don't have to

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