Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I have been thinking a lot about decorating around the tv....

There are many options for what to do with a tv set to make it NOT be the focal point. And I suppose things have gotten easier since they are more sleek now-a-days and take up less space than those hideous tube tvs did. But still, I hate how it looks in my living room.

I know some of you are thinking, gawd, why don't you just NOT have a tv, or why don't you just NOT have a tv in your living room.

I am keepin' it real guys...I don't have a separate family room, and we like to watch tv.

Until we renovate the basement to make it our family room/tv room, we need to put our tv somewhere. The living room makes the most sense. The problem is that it's not a large living room and it's a passthrough type of room into the sunroom and in the dining room.

So, there aren't too many actual walls where we could place the tv.

When you walk into our house, there's a tiny foyer, and then you walk straight into the living room. From the front door, the first thing you see is the sofa as of right now. Where the sofa is right now, there used to be fireplace, which the PO removed, with two stained glass windows flanking the then fireplace, now sofa.

When we first moved in, we had the tv hung on the wall between the stained glass windows. But we changed it to the wall across the way because we didn't like how the tv was the first thing you saw when you walked through the door. Afterall, while it's the tv room for now, I didn't want the living room to exude "tv room" when you first walk into our home.

So now, it's on the opposite wall across where the sofa is, but frankly, I don't like it there either.

I realize that I am not going to be happy until it's out of the living room, so for now, I will just deal with decorating around it. Ok...

So here's what we are dealing with:

Sorry for the tangent, but, we had to get rid of our Jute/Chenille area rug from PB. I felt like I was living in one of those western movies with all the tumble weeds flying through my house. I was vacuuming it a good number of times a week, but still it was shedding like crazy! So, I am on the hunt for a stain resistant, soft, not sheddy alternative.

Anyway, so here's the Copenhagen Sideboard from Viva Terra and our monstrous-for-this-room tv. I put some accessories I had lying around the house on the console table, but I am not ecstatic with the outcome, so I am working on other accessories. But what about all that space around the tv.

I've seen a lot of designers try to make the tv disappear by installing a salon wall around the tv, trying to make the tv part of the salon wall. I am not sure I have the patience to create one though. I also don't want to make our tiny living room look cluttery, which I think might happen if I did this. I think this works better in a larger space, but if we have to push back the basement renovations, I may buy some of these to mitigate the damage I may be causing to my 100 year old plaster walls.

Here are some images of tvs "hiding" in salon walls.

I like the first and third ones best. If the basement remodel needs to be pushed back, I may consider one of these salon walls afterall.

Of course, the ideal situation is to have custom built-ins where you can close it up and hide the tv. However, I don't think that would fly in our house because 1. my husband would kill me considering I HAD TO HAVE this console for under the tv, which I now want to move into the playroom...shhhh (I love you honey!), but also because, it doesn't make sense to spend money on built-ins for a tv we are going to move to the basement soon enough.

I am thinking we will leave the built in unit for the basement. The irony of it all...hiding the tv in the basement, but not the living room.

So with all this said, I think for now I will stick to my original plan of simply decorating the console table. I really like how these media consoles were styled. I also like how the tv wall in this first picture was wallpapered. This is another way to "decorate around your tv," but honestly, I am sort of afraid of wallpaper. I am so finicky, that I want to change the paint colors in my house nearly every day. Wallpaper is a commitment. I have design commitment issues.

This is my favorite image. I think the black lampshade makes the tv stand out less by introducing a second black surface on that wall. I like how there are some larger picture frames leaning on the wall below the tv, some longer slim items like a vase, and then some low lying items like a tray with a box on it, a bowl, etc.

It also doesn't hurt though that these fellas have a baby grand to detract from the tv. :P

By the way, most of these images are from decorpad. This last one is from Elegant Abode.

The most beautiful florals ever! Painterly Inspiration

The ladies over at Once Wed borrowed some paintings from Michelle Armas, a ridiculously talented artist I have blogged about before, to use as inspiration for a floral photoshoot. Oh my gawd.....These have to be the most fantastic floral arrangements I have ever seen. I would love, love, love to recreate this arrangement in my own home. My goodness....

As if the florals and the paintings in the background weren't gorgeous enough, these creative ladies saw Michelle Armas' glasses full of watery paint that she uses while she creates her paintings and decided to recreate the look in clear glass votive candle holders, let them dry, and put lit votive candles in them.

Look at the result. Stunning! I am gaga for these votives...

Dreaming up parties I can throw to use this color palette and idea!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

tufted anything is what i want

How beautiful is this chair by Brooke and Steve Giannetti?

It's called the "Brooke" chair, and although she's not quite finished yet, she's remarkably stunning.

She reminds me of the settees in one of Waldo Fernandez' designs that have haunted my dreams for a really, really long time.

This design sent me into a tailspin...Remember how I told you that I am an internet search stalker guru?

Well I found those tan/ cognac settees that make me weak in the knees. They are the mojave settees, part of Barclay Butera's furniture line.

Isn't she mah velous?

i can't stop thinking about pillows.

Especially pillows that haven't been "done" before. For instance, I still love Schumacher's Imperial Trellis and am not at all knocking it, but lately, I've been craving something with uniqueness.

These are all from Etsy or abchome.
So here we go...

preppy and adorable...via octavi

loving the turquoise! via decidedlychic

RAWR, a little snake action...via chantalmari

kilim, via sukan

via sukan

stripey velvet, just beautiful! via homemakermovement

this pillow kind of reminds me of Tracery Interiors logo, which I am kind of in love with
via homemakermovement

ooh la la!!
via homemakermovement

loves this color combination and the subtle tiger print has it going on
via giardino

this is most definitely one of my faves
via giardino

tie dye velvet, for the hippy in me, via abchome

amber silk velvet, delicious, via abchome

silk stripe, a little luxury for the prepster, via abchome


Now someone, please go buy these, so I don't have to

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I've been bad

I missed my Motivational Monday post! :/ I know. I was a little under the weather.

But here's a little inspiration for today from the Keep Calm Gallery.
I want this for the playroom. It's on the list.

Also, I thought I might share with you a product that amazed me!
You see, I bought these sterling silver candlestick holders at a consignment store, but they were sooooo tarnished. I honestly wasn't sure I was going to keep them.
However, I wanted to give cleaning them a go. I started off with a homemade approach. I used baking soda, which on the interwebs is said to be good for cleaning metals. errrrgh...not. It did nothing, zip, zilch, nada darn thing.

Then, I remembered I had bought a metal cleaning paste on Amazon a while back. It's called Maas, and it's amazing. Has a strong smell though, just a heads up.

So, I pulled it out from under the kitchen sink, added a spoonful of elbow grease, and "walla!" Seriously, this picture doesn't do the tarnish justice. They were NASTY GROSS TARNISHED. But now, they are lovely. Oh, and the pair cost me $15. :)

My plan is to start a collection.
via splendidwillow.com

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I would like to think I am not a moody person. Except early in the morning. Which in my mind doesn't count. And typically I like interiors that are light and airy.
But I do love moody art. Portraits, landscapes, still lifes... The contrast of a moody work of art against a light and airy backdrop can be so striking, emotive, and just lovely.

Erika Powel of Urban Grace via TRAD Home.

The abstract in this picture is absolutely beautiful. It's mysterious yet calming.

While traditional in style, this dining room is kept bright with the addition of a light colored rug, slipcovered armchairs, a white/ivory chandelier, creamy walls and moulding, and a lighter wood buffet. Against this neutral backdrop, the contrasting serious tone of the portrait really allows it to pop.
Lauren Liess, Pure Style Home

Again, neutral backdrop with moody, vintage art.

This is one of my long time favorite inspiration pictures. Neutral backdrop, very dark stained floors, amazing moody art to include a landscape, a portrait and a still life.

So with all that said, I was ecstatic to see Dutch Touch oil paintings on One Kings Lane this morning! (I know I am late to the party. I always mean to check OKL every day, but I often don't have time! So I check every couple of days. And here we are, nearing the end of Dutch Touch...sigh.)

Anyhow, designer, Nathan Turner, has curated a collection of Dutch Touch oil paintings featuring landscapes and flora from his native state of California. My favorite are the blue/gray, foggy, stormy, or rough seascapes from the California coast.

On the Dutch Touch Art website, they also have some gorgeous still lifes.

They remind me very much of Juan Sanchez Cotan's still lifes, which I have always loved.

You can find reasonably priced prints of Cotan's work on Allposters.com. Frame in a thin gold frame to achieve a similar look. Or, alternatively, ebay has many beautiful antique portraits!

Monday, June 13, 2011

I have a serious problem...

with the google. I can spend countless hours googling something a gazillion different ways to the point of utter insanity. I can't make myself stop. If I see an image I like, and I don't know the source, I will search and search to pages with foreign languages that I can't even feign interest in learning, until I find the original idea or imagination maker. Yes, I am ill.

ok. So here we go....

Sconces. Yes, that's all this post is about. That and my obsessive compulsive disorder.

I want sconces in my dining room, but I also have design a.d.d. when it comes to my own home, so I have not decided on what kind.

In the interim, I remembered that I had seen at antique stores and online, many times, these tin or mirrored or mosaic (just a few of the millions of search terms I used in the google) sconces.

And I love them. And now I am wondering if I am also hallucinating because of course I now see them everywhere. Where were they before this sconce problem began? I guess we only see the things we want to see. Ok, now I am getting all dark and twisty, so I will stop.

Anyway, but again, I can't just bite the bullet. So I am mulling it over. Lying awake at night, thinking about these sconces. Wondering whether they will evoke the right mood I want for my home. I wonder what my husband would think about this. I have a problem...

Here they be. Aren't they all pretty and sparkly? I think they would rise up to greet me as I stumble down the stairs to the dining room each morning in search of that Holy Grail that is caffeine. Maybe they would even be sparkly and happy and pretty enough to kick that said bad habit. Doubtful, but I still like them.

I think a collection of a variety of vintage mirrored sconces on a wall could look really beautiful.

Shades of Light

Direct From Mexico


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Motivational Monday and Wholesale Flash Sale!

I saw this on tumblr a while back and fell in love with it. I got all tingly and emotional. I hope it lights up your world today, too.

Onto other fun things....
Do you know Kelly O'Neal of Design-Legacy down in Texas? He's a designer and globe trotter extraordiinaire.

Today he is having a flash sale to the trade only, but I wanted to share some images of his treasures and his work. These images are from Design_legacy's facebook account. They are images from his Highpoint Showroom.

Magnifique! Obviamente.....

I want that globe, now now now now!!

That rug has me gaga.....I wonder if you took a zebra rug, cut it into even squares, and mixed up the pattern, and then stitched it from under the rug, all back together, could you end up with something like that?

Do you know what I mean? Or Maybe FLOR has something similar to that rug...hmmm

All these fish remind me that I NEED to share with my new

and super inexpensive bathroom art.

I love this settee. It has spunk. The coral color against that green is terrific.

That bookcase is madness. Absolute madness.
I hope you enjoyed the show!! Have a beautiful day.