Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ugly houses happen to cool people

This whole blog is supposed to be about how bad bathrooms and kitchens and so on happen to good, cool people.

So here we go. The hallway. This hallway is in the middle of our house. There was no escaping and no hiding from it. I know the folks over at HGTV are big fans of painting things to make them look better, but no amount of paint was gonna hide this party.

It was like a piece of a suburban mall had been extracted and transplanted in this bungalow hallway.

It wasn't just the terrazzo flooring with chunks of marble thrown into. luxury. It was the fact that chipped, terrazzo baseboards framed it and not to mention the crooked, warped, mangled, heavy, original oak doors that made me want to cry. Sadsville, USA.

I know there is a war going on between the people of the painted wood and the people of the stained wood. It's hot and heavy. It's intense. The people of the stained wood are all, "no, no, no how can you have painted wood in your 1914 house? It's not true to the architecture, ya ya ya..."

And the white wood people are all, "but it's my house, not a museum, and I'll paint if I want to. I like the fresh, clean, modern feeling..."

My house is from 1914, but what y'all may not know is that the POs (previous owners, not pissed off owners-that's us, and that would appropriately be POO) were huge fans of opening random nail holes, sawing off pieces of decorative trim, replacing baseboards in rooms such that there were several different kinds and heights of baseboard all within one room. Different shades of stain, too. HOT. HOT. HOT.

We didn't have the luxury of beautifully stained and maintained oak wood trim.

So, we have had to replace it all, and I'm partial to white trim. Although if this were our forever house, I woulda painted it all a high gloss, lacquered black. But that's a story for another day. ;)

Ok, so we replaced all the doors in the house, one room at a time, with five-panel, heavy doors and kept the original 1914, Art Nouveau hardware (some were missing so we went on a door hardware hunt to match what we had at Jan's Antiques) for posterity.

The terrazzo was JACKHAMMERED OUT! And went with carrara marble 2" hex tile with a Greek key pattern surround.

The paint is all Benjamin Moore. The trim is Decorator's White. The stair walls are Grant Beige.

In the hallway, we went with Benjamin Moore Sleigh Bells.

It really brings out the gray in the marble.

Hope you enjoyed! I am still working on bathroom art.

Hopefully that will be up in the next few days.


  1. Wow, that is nice! Great job.

    -Another POO :)

  2. I want to recreate that tile in my bathroom remodel. What wonderful taste you have! Thank you for the inspiration.