Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Quick chair makeover for FREE

Here she be in all her glory (after I recovered the seat in 20 minutes flat). I needed an extra chair in the living room, but I am not a fan of spending money these days if I can find a cheap or free solution.

I remembered that the previous owners had left this baby behind when we moved in. It's been moved from construction project to project throughout the house to be used to stand on to paint, hang light fixtures, you get the point. The chair itself is not ugly. It's ivory and has caning, which is one of my favorite things on earth. What IS ugly is that upholstery.

I remembered I had some gray cotton fabric left over from when we made our headboard, cut it up, staple gunned it in, and voila! It took me longer to find the screwdriver and the staple gun in the messy tool room than it did to actually unscrew the seat, cut the fabric and staple it in.

So what do you think?