Thursday, May 5, 2011

Playroom on the cheap...ahem as free as possible

OK. So I have also been working on the playroom. The budget was "as cheap as possible."

Hi Ikea.

We bought an ikea loveseat as well as the ever popular, quintessential-ikea, expedit storage thingamajiger. Light fixture is also from ikea.

Some throw pillows from etsy. They were made in the Waverly Paterre fabric in "grass."

I bought a vintage map on etsy as well and framed it at Hobby Lobby.

I used an old PBK rug from Alfie's original nursery. It's called the Classic Star rug in green.

I used a vintage pine armoire from my teenage bedroom set. It's pretty solid, large, and looks strikingly similar to an armoire Belvedere Armoire Pottery Barn now sells for nearly 2k. score!

I was having trouble with art on the cheap, and I had been scouring the internet for a long time for cool, vintage posters. I found them on ebay!!

What do you think of my mock up?



  1. love it! where did u get the map? what etsy store?

  2. i need to double check. i will let you know.