Thursday, May 19, 2011


Allyson Reynolds

Erica over at Urban Grace inspired me to post about moth art. I have loooooong loved moths. They are such beautifully mysterious creatures, and I feel like for a long time they were seen as the "red headed stepchild" as compared to the butterfly. No one would swat a butterfly, but the same is not true of a moth. In fact, I have seen people try to swat moths.

In any event, I have always found them to be just as beautiful and captivating. I have longed for moth art ever since I first saw Allyson Reynolds work on Absolutely Beautiful Things.

Allyson's work is stunning, but unfortunately, out of my price range, so off I went to the google.

And I found these....

Still Life with Flowers & Moth at Wayne Pate, 9" x 12", $115

ChristenMattix on Etsy, unframed, $150 for 11" x 17"
or $300 for 20" x 30"

I like them both so much, I can't decide which one I want.

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