Sunday, May 22, 2011


This past Saturday Serena & Lily's May Bazaar started. It runs for about a week, and they feature many one of a kind items, including home furnishings and art.

This month they were selling some of Hugo Guinness' linocut prints, which in the last couple of years have been featured far and wide by pretty much every home magazine and interior decor blog out there. My favorite is the Dachshund print. However, at $500 each, they are out of my budget at the moment.

Andy and Kate Spade's home

John Derian Manhattan store via Little Green Notebook

You can see/buy more of Guinness' prints in the John Derian store although they are similarly priced. Small, 10x12" prints are $440 there.

Hugo Guinness' home in Vogue via Little Green Notebook

Here are some of his prints as well as some of his totes via Haystack Needle

Today, I was browsing at one of my favorite local stores, Bramble, and I came across a couple of canvas Hugo Guinness totes for $28. I have seen these many times before, but today it hit me. What if you bought one of these, cut out the print, and framed it? Same look, authentic print, GREAT price point. :)
Sure you are limited in the type of print you can frame since not all his prints have been printed onto the totes, but there are some pretty adorable options. The doggie prints would be perfect for a mudroom! And the floral print can go pretty much anywhere.

via John Derian

via John Derian

Another option, the Conde Nast store online also offers a set of 4 of his prints for $600 or $160 each.

If that's out of your price range, PerlaAnne offers similar linocut prints, which are also very adorable, at a more affordable price point if you want to "get the look."


  1. Love the set of four on conde nast. I also like the dachshund! I found a similar serigraph print by picasso that's really cute too. It's named "le chien" and it's pretty affordable on ebay,, etc.

  2. thanks for the comment! Always like reassurance that I am not talking to myself. :)