Monday, April 18, 2011

MLS Stalking

I like to look at listings for fun. Every once in a while I find a home that's close to our budget range that is perfect, or very, very close to it. Today, it happened. I found a home, that so closely resembles my style, that I could have designed it.

While the furnishings and art are not ALL my taste, I do very much like the dining room and living room decor.

However, the design of the house, meaning bathrooms, kitchen, mouldings, landscaping, backyard, etc. I could have all picked myself!

The ONLY thing I might change if I moved in would be to paint the kitchen cabinets, maybe a grayish/mushroom color a la Martha Stewart. This color looks fab with white countertops, especially carrara marble or statuary or, well, you get the point. I love marble.


  1. MLS Stalking is a favorite activity for me. Which is the site you use?

  2. I use zillow or redfin or blockshopper. :)

  3. This is a gorgeous home! I too make MLS part of my daily surfing!
    ( Nudge Home)