Thursday, April 21, 2011

I want to go to there....(Alice Lane)

My oldest, Alfie, came in my bedroom this morning at 6:30 and said "Mommy, come downstairs with me." I was so tired from not sleeping well I told him "Daddy" was awake and downstairs waiting for him and I'd be down in a bit. "You still need to come downstairs, Mommy."

Ok, love bucket. I am dreaming of beautiful beds this morning.

Alice Lane is one of my favorite websites to visit, and lo and behold this was one of the first images that appeared when the site loaded. I am completely, totally, unabashedly in love.
The colors are all so soothing. The casual feel of the raffia upholstered headboard juxtaposed against the dramatic, glam shape the Louis XV inspired headboard against the shy, pale rose drapery is just beautiful. And that textured, velvet?, giraffe print bolster is most definitely the piece de resistance that pulls the whole room together.

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