Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Not your every day A, B, C, D

If Amy of ABCD Design had a brick and mortar shop around the corner (I hear her ultimate intention is to have her own product line...YAY!!), I would probably have to wear disguises so that I could go into the shop as frequently as I would. That's how frequently I would "drop in." I mean, I stop by her blog several times a day, and each time, I discover something new. I found Amy Beth Cupp Dragoo's blog originally through Poppytalk and then rediscovered her genius through Brooklyn Limestone last year. I have been hooked since. Her style speaks to me so much.

It's layered, but without a ton of senseless tchochkes. It's multidimensional, not cluttered. I love when there are items in homes that have meaning, that illustrate the family's personality, that bring joy and life to the space when you walk in. However, I do not like it when there is so much stuff that you can see things quickly devolving from there into the next episode of Hoarders. If there is a table where there is no room for me to set something down, it's not my style.

Ok back to Amy. Her NYC Loft, which I hear she has now moved on from (sad face), lights up my world considering my deep love of vintage posters.

On the upside, I hear that since she has moved from her NY Loft, she is now decorating her home in the country and a small NY apt she and Mr. ABCD keep in NY.

I cannot wait to see the results.

In the interim, grab a cup of coffee and get ready to get lost in this space...

Today I am lovin'

This Jayson Home & Garden sofa! I saw it over at Caitlin Creer and totally fell in love, so I had to immediately come up with a design around it. Here's my quick, first brush design. Love it.

Mercury Glass Catch-All Dish
$6 - urbanoutfitters.com

viva terra chair

Monday, April 25, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I want to go to there....(Alice Lane)

My oldest, Alfie, came in my bedroom this morning at 6:30 and said "Mommy, come downstairs with me." I was so tired from not sleeping well I told him "Daddy" was awake and downstairs waiting for him and I'd be down in a bit. "You still need to come downstairs, Mommy."

Ok, love bucket. I am dreaming of beautiful beds this morning.

Alice Lane is one of my favorite websites to visit, and lo and behold this was one of the first images that appeared when the site loaded. I am completely, totally, unabashedly in love.
The colors are all so soothing. The casual feel of the raffia upholstered headboard juxtaposed against the dramatic, glam shape the Louis XV inspired headboard against the shy, pale rose drapery is just beautiful. And that textured, velvet?, giraffe print bolster is most definitely the piece de resistance that pulls the whole room together.

Monday, April 18, 2011

MLS Stalking

I like to look at listings for fun. Every once in a while I find a home that's close to our budget range that is perfect, or very, very close to it. Today, it happened. I found a home, that so closely resembles my style, that I could have designed it.

While the furnishings and art are not ALL my taste, I do very much like the dining room and living room decor.

However, the design of the house, meaning bathrooms, kitchen, mouldings, landscaping, backyard, etc. I could have all picked myself!

The ONLY thing I might change if I moved in would be to paint the kitchen cabinets, maybe a grayish/mushroom color a la Martha Stewart. This color looks fab with white countertops, especially carrara marble or statuary or, well, you get the point. I love marble.

Vintage Vera Scarves as ART

I found all of these below on Ebay, and they ranged from $4.99 to $49.99. Go to the Ebay Gods, find one, and frame it. Voila!


The lovechild of Traditional Home Magazine and Lonny, TRADHome, is so BAM and fabulous. I am sure you have read about this on all the wonderful blogs throughout the intermundo, but I have to say I am so inspired. I devoured the 364 page online shelter mag this weekend. They featured 20 new traditional designers, among them some of my favorites including Erica over at Urban Grace, OBVIAMENTE!

But also, some designers that I had never had the opportunity to discover. Namely, Tobi Fairley. Hello, my name is ____________, and I have been under a rock apparently.

ZOMG doesn't quite cut it. Tobi is so talented.

Images via Tobi Fairley