Monday, March 7, 2011

Very productive weekend! New mirror and chairs

A while ago while walking through an antique shop, I came across a reproduction of a federal mirror. It's kind of small, but for the price, I couldn't pass it up. I have a thing for federal mirrors, especially when they are convex. I had the idea that I would put it in our teeny tiny foyer, so that the convex mirror would give the illusion of a larger foyer. Of course, mirrors can only help so much, but it was worth a shot..

While I love gilt mirrors, it didn't look right in that space, so out came the paint brush. Besides, I had a 4 year old home for school for the day and we needed a project to keep us busy.

One hour later, voila! I later took a razor knife and scraped off the paint that got on the mirror.

It's up on the wall now, but I am not so sure that's where it will stay.
When we renovated the front of the house and the foyer, the electrician placed the light switch box pretty much in the middle of the wall as you walk in prohibiting me from placing a full length mirror as originally intended. See below. Now with the darling federal mirror, I feel like it makes the light switch panel stand out even more!
I may have to put a painting of sorts to detract from the light switch panel.

In any event, this weekend I also did my weekly Craigslist search and came across a pair of wing back chairs for $200. I loved that the upholstery was simple and creamy, so I wouldn't have to reupholster them right away. I also liked the lines of the chairs. I called the seller, drove out to Evanston, and 2 hours later, they were in my sunroom.

Now we need a little table to put between them. I temporarily
put the Thomas O'brien grey washed table I got a Tarjay about a year ago.

Target's Thomas O'Brien table

Anthropologie's Genova table

Later, I remembered that I had seen a carrara marble round end table top on Craigslist. See below. I may just snatch it up and place/glue it on top of the Thomas O'Brien table. While it won't look identical to the Genova, it will be pretty much be the same look for less than 1/3 the price.

We also went to Abt this weekend.
Stay tuned for some drool worthy kitchens I saw while I was there!

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