Monday, March 28, 2011

Upscale BBQ?

Rack of ribs, that is. My husband is dedicated to the respectable and neverending pursuit of outstanding barbecue, especially since having left Florida. Since moving to Chicago, he's sought out many restaurants Chicagoans have claimed to provide "the best" barbecue, only to leave to sorely disappointed. He's said time and again, "Chicago simply doesn't have good barbecue." I am no expert, but I couldn't accept that foodie heaven/award winning restaurant laden Chicago had no "good barbecue." How could that be? I was determined to find, not just good, but fantastic barbecue. Enter Chicago Q.

Called up for some rezzies, and we were in for my husband's 30th. I know what you're thinking. "Wow, how totally rockstar of you. Barbecue for the big 3-0. Totally lame-o." I know most people go out for a night of imbibing with the goal of topping the night of their 21st birthday, but really peeps. I am a respectable, married lady! Ok, not. But really, we have two midgets running Casa Lobo, which brings us much joy, but is also very exhausting, so cut us some slack! Ok back to the barbecue... They started us off with these!

And these!!!

We then had cheddar and bacon hushpuppies, which were outta control.

Then, I ordered a burger with a side of mac and cheese, hubs ordered half a rack of ribs will collard greens. Everything was delish! For drinks, the husband had a beer, and I ordered a Jefferson's presidential select bourbon, neat. I promise, I am not that hard core. I had to dilute it with a dropper full of distilled water that they brought out to me on a silver platter, which brings me to the service and atmosphere of the restaurant.

The creamy paneling and mouldings, barn wood floors, grasscloth wallpaper, streamlined and very Circa lighting light fixtures, the heavy oil rubbed bronze door hardware, everything was perfect. It was all very "barn chic."

Hung throughout the restaurant were photographs of green, bright American countrysides along windy roads. It was charming. The perfect balance of rustic and refined.

The second floor featured two private party areas. One was more loungy with two leather sofas, which were the perfect shade of tan, with low lying tables. The other private party area was in the wine cellar, which might I say, was quite stellar.

Case in point, Chicago Q was not the best barbecue

we've ever had, but it's up there and requires a visit if you're ever in Chicago!!

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