Thursday, March 31, 2011

Peeping Toms

Ok. So I admit it. I rock out in my living room. I'm sure I look totally rad doing it, too. I put on my high school track shorts (so I feel athletic), my pink shox, a hipster t-shirt, and I put my hair up in a scrunchy. Yes, I still own those (I only wear them inside the house, duh). I turn up the volume to some CeeLo, Black Eyed Peas, or whatever; and I dance like a crazy person for cardio. That's what Tracy Anderson tells me to do for cardio, and well, have you seen her? Listen, I listen. Ok, here's what happened...

So, last Fall we renovated the front of the house.

See here:

and here:

Ok, now that we are all on the same page, as I was saying, last Fall we renovated the front of the house. Before doing so, I had natural woven blinds on the windows. However, when we renovated, we changed out the windows, and the dimensions changed. So, the blinds we had, were not going to work.

We finished back in November and for months, being design ADD as I am sometimes, I couldn't decide what I wanted for window treatments. But I continued to rock out in my living room several nights a week, until, I think February. One evening, a lady came and knocked on my door. "Do you know that EVERYONE can see you dancing through your windows?" I mean obviously, I knew. But until she knocked on my door, and told me, I hadn't cared! I couldn't made a decision about window treatments and had decided to ignore the issue, that was until she knocked.

So, I went to "the google" to find a budget-friendly and pretty option for my windows. I heard JCPenney was having a window treatment sale. We decided to check it out. After pricing out different options, we settled on the Savannah III Roman Shades, which are custom, in "white."

JCPenney Savannah III Roman Shades

Considering I have seen non-custom roman shades for 40-50 bones each, these were a steal at 60 something each. Plus, since they are custom that means they are not too long for my windows and don't bunch up at the bottom.

I also like that they are simple. My sunroom is not large, at all, and I didn't want anything that would crowd the space and make it seem smaller.

So anyway, a couple of weeks later, the custom shades arrived, the install was easy (according to my husband), and she rocked out happily ever after.

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  1. I'm going to need you to come and decorate my house! I love everything you do.

    xox Lexi
    Glitter & Pearls