Thursday, March 31, 2011

MLS pics of our home way back when

So when we first bought the house, we immediately started to strip it down. We realized, only after we had torn out all the fun stuff like faux wood paneling, that we took no REAL "before" pictures. We wanted pictures of this beast in its natural state. "The Unbungalowed Bungalow" as I called it.

Afterall, the POs had done away with everything that made a bungalow charming... A fireplace ? Who wants that? Beamed dining room ceiling? pfft.... A front porch? For what? Built ins? please.... They were all gone. :( By the time we got ahold of her she had been pillaged.

Many doors were completely warped and/or had layers and layers of paint on them finished off with another layer of varnish!? Also, in each room, there were typically 3 different styles of baseboard all within one room in EACH room. And let me not even get started on the terrazzo. Like I've said, no one, but no one has more terrazzo than us except for maybe the pope.

So yeah, one room or area of the house at a time, we have put in new wood floors, new windows, new doors, new trim, baseboards, new electrical, new plumbing, sister joisted the second floor of our house to make sure our master bedroom didn't fall into the living room, created new closets, and replaced the stairs! It's taking a while, but we keep chucking along, but we still have TONS to do.

Anyway, getting back to the pics... We asked the seller's realtor, but she no longer had the pictures. We settled for pictures we took shortly after we began this charade, which I shared with you here They were close enough to the onset of insanity.

A week ago, I decided to google our address, and lo and behold, the listing appeared. It was as if God was speaking directly to me, "Ayleen, seriously, what were you thinking?" Well, gee I don't know. Obviously I wasn't like, "oh we can just paint, buy some art, maybe buy some flowers, put junk on trays and voila!" I mean. Look. We had this romantic idea that we would gut one room at a time, weekend warriors, if you will, and make this thing our own. Except this thing was a wild animal. We had no idea what really lurked behind that front door. She was a whole other kiiiiind of crazy.

In any event, I am happy I found these pics online. Sometimes, I am so desperate to finish Casa Lobo and get down to the fun details, that I lose sight of how far we've come.

We've been BUSY. Obviamente.

Below is the living room with the sunroom attached to it. We think that sunroom used to be part of the front porch.

Below is the dining room, which is straight off the living room. Do you see that wall o' shelves that separates the dining room and the kitchen? I call it "the monster." I think I mentioned there were shadowboxes in there as well as random spindles.

Here is the kitchen. You see the sink? Above the sink was "the monster." I had to duck to find the right square to look through to be able to have a conversation with anyone in the dining room. Sexy.

Below is another bedroom, which is the now playroom. They removed the closet from this room in order to add a second set of stairs to get to the upstairs. Apparently, for fire safety reasons, you need two exits from a second floor where there is a kitchen on said second floor. This is apparently code. This was the part of the code they decided to stick with. And so, a bedroom lost a closet. Brilliant.

This was another bedroom. In fact, This bedroom had two doors. Porque? No idea. Notice how the door frame and window frame touch. "Rill" good carpentry work right there.

Below we are starting to look at the second floor. This room was aptly named Gitmo. The saddest bedroom in all the land. This is now my oldest son's bedroom. Don't worry. We are good people. We gussied it up for him. I will show you pics soon.

The Packers' kitchen, which was on the second floor.

This room is now my youngest son's nursery.

This was the second floor living room. In case I have some readers that aren't up to speed, the previous owners remodeled their attic and turned it into inlaws' quarters, hence why there was a kitchen on the second floor. This is the now master bedroom.

And the back of the house, which to date, has had no work done to it. It looks exactly like in this picture. Actually, I lie. Sadly, it looks worse since we have completely neglected it what with all the other stuff we've had going on. It's on the list.

And this completes today's tour of Casa Lobo, pre-reno. We hope you enjoyed yourselves. Stay tuned! We finally ordered and received the last set of 5 panel doors, and they are in!

Carpenter is coming next week to trim them out.

We are also putting crown moulding and adding back the beams in the dining room ceiling!

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