Thursday, March 10, 2011

Have you been to ABT? You HAVE to see these KITCHENS!

If you live in Chicagoland, you probably know about this mega home store. I am not talking about a Home Depot type. I am talking about the Holy Grail of appliances, electronics, kitchen cabinet design, small appliances, you name it. We were in the market for a new coffeemaker and blender, and we decided to stop in. This is where I fell in love with white kitchens. The kitchens they have on dislay are to die for. I snapped some pictures for you all to take a look. Feast your eyes on this....

I really love this white kitchen. These pendant lights remind me of the Hinkley Knickerbocker pendant lights that Mrs.Limestone (from Brooklyn Limestone) used in her kitchen.

I love this island. Those bin pulls are amazing.

The gray cabinetry and the moulding detail over the glass is spectacular.

This espresso kitchen is fantastic.
That globe light fixture takes my breath away!

I didn't get to see the kitchens in the Thermador area of the store, but I am hoping to check them out soon as the coffeemaker I bought at ABT is not working for us. It's going back, and we are getting a Bunn.

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