Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Scotch, neat

Browsing through the home and garden section I came across this home tour which was planned to be "a modern take on local farm buildings." Located in a rural area 60 miles outside of Edinburgh, this home really stands out. It's everything but typical for the area. In lieu of a slate, the owners opted for a zinc roof. The home also sports a brick exterior with lots of floor to ceiling windows. I die.

The interior is really open with the master bedroom on the second floor overlooking the living area. The floors are dark, rich wood flooring; and the walls are a fresh, bright white.

What an original plan, particularly for where this fabulous home is located. Apparently people in the area either love it or hate it. Goes to show, going against the grain in design makes all the sense in the world especially when it truly reflects you and improves your day to day.

Here's the article:

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