Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Master Bedroom continued...

We finished renovating the second floor, master bedroom included, last summer. We were in a rush to finish considering we would otherwise have no room for baby lobo 2.0.

So, that meant that decisions had to be made very quickly! The basics needed to be crossed off the list.

1. Light fixtures
2. Paint color
3. Furniture

Once those items were crossed off I was able to move on to more "fun" details. However, I got sidetracked by an adorable little baby that joined our family last summer! It's only recently that I've gotten back to business on finishing up our master bedroom renovation, which was LOOOOOONG overdue.

So I picked light fixtures....

We decided on the square sconces from Pottery Barn, in lieu of bedside lamps. I really like the freed up space on my nightstand.

Our overhead light fixture was a challenge. Because of the less than 8 foot ceiling height, we needed something semi-flush. However, I didn't want a "boob" fixture. You all know what I mean by that. I really wanted a chandelier. But again, ceiling height was an issue. We settled on a "bedazzled" drum shade that I found on Overstock.com :)

As for paint, I miraculously made up my mind on the first try. It's called Gray Wisp by Benjamin Moore, which, by the way, is the same as Restoration Hardware's Silver Sage.

We got the bedroom furniture, which was no easy task.

Nothing is square in our 1914 bungalow, particularly on the second floor, which is where the master is located. The wall height changes throughout the room because of the eaves of the roof.

We also wanted to take advantage of all the storage space the eaves could provide rather than leaving it as dead space. While I love all the extra storage space(hello, special place for hiding hamper, luggage, steamer, baby clothes, etc.), because of all the closet doors, we were left with not too much wall space to place bedroom furniture.

We headed out with very specific dimensions and the requirement that the furniture be "real wood," not particleboard. Oh yeah, and a budget. We went to every furniture store in the Chicagoland area. We hit up the usual suspects...Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, West Elm, ZGallerie. Everything was too big for our petite walls. Oh and most of it was not real wood. We went to a ton of local furniture stores as well. Everything was either too traditional, too modern, or too much $$. We finally decided to try Room & Board, and "then the skies parted" and I made a commitment to furniture upon first viewing....

Ok. It didn't happen quite like that. I went home. Remeasured. Mulled it over. Went to the mattresses with polyvore (I was defeated), sketched it all out on Paint. How ghetto is that?

It all looked good. And so it was that we finally agreed on and purchased our furniture. It's the Room & Board Lasalle collection. I would have liked mismatched nightstands to add some interest, but we both wanted a drawer, and at that point I was too tired to keep thinking about it all. Matching nightstands it was.

I really wanted an upholstered heardboard, but alas, all the ones I liked were wayyyy too much $$. Of course, I fell in love with one of the upholstered headboards from Serena & Lily. It's charcoal, with nickel nailheads, with the corners cutout. Gorgeous!

Lucky for me, I have a pretty handy husband. I scoured the internet for tutorials. We were sleeping in the new master for 5 months before we had enough energy to get this project done, but we did it! Or should I say, my husband did it! I bought the fabric and materials at Joanns. It turned out pretty darn good, I think. If you are looking for a good tutorial, check out Southern Exposure's blog.

On to the bedding....This has taken some time. I started off with a coverlet and shams. Calvin Klein's satin square set. I think it was clearanced out recently, but I absolutely love it.

I wasn't finding any euro shams or bolster pillows that I loved, so I decided to have them made. I bought the fabric at Joann's. They are both Waverly fabric.

Now I have my eye on West Elm's pintuck duvet in "Slate."

I am also looking for accessories and wall art, as I mentioned. I am totally loving this Allen + Roth mirror from Lowes no less!

And I am still awe struck by this etsy painting from tastesorangey's shop.

Some of you may know I work from home. I also needed an organized area to get some work done, and the dormer in our bedroom seemed like the perfect space to tuck a desk into. After a lot of consideration, I decided on this desk and chair below.

So happy it's all finally coming together!

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