Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kiki Smith is brill

I have several folders in my computer where I save images from artists' collections that have really struck me. I was perusing through these folders, since lately, I have been thinking a lot about art.

My blank walls are begging me to do something with them.

In any event, I came across my folder for Kiki Smith, who you might know for her sculptures, but her prints are equally brilliant. Much like her sculptures her prints are mainly about animals and women.
My favorite of her prints is "Come away from her," which is the last print on this page. Not surprisingly, this print was also used in an interior project by Katie Ridder. It looks fantastic.

"Come away from her"

image via Little Green Notebook

A closer look at "Come away from her"

Via Catherine Campbell

"Come away from her" is based on a manuscript drawing by Lewis Carroll for his book "Alice's Adventures Under Ground." -Brooklyn Museum

Below are some of her other prints that I saved in my folder.

I would love to have one of these hanging in Casa Lobo.

Via Catherine Campbell

Via Modern Art Obsession

Via Mint Design

Via Mint Design

Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Museum

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