Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Try not to look away

Circa 2008. Casa Lobo....

The "sunroom," which is off the living room and entryway

This was the living room. They tore out the fireplace and decided to just cover up that darn hole with a slab of marble. We had already started tearing up the floors at this point. Oh also, there were two sheets of drywall, one on top of the other, for no apparent reason, on that wall you are looking at. That is why the windows look really recessed. My guess is that they drywalled over the windows, later changed their minds, and just cut the windows out. ;)

This was our oldest's bedroom when we were only living on the
first floor of the house. (More on that later)
They took out the closet in this room in order to construct a
second set of stairs to the second floor... (again, more on that later)
This bedroom is right off the dining room.

This is the second bedroom on the first floor.

This was the "master" bedroom for a while.

No description necessary. You've seen this beauty before.

You see that shelving unit thingamajigger over the sink?
With the random shadow boxes and spindles? I used to call that "the monster."

This was the dining room. The floors were destroyed throughout the house, so first thing we did was put in new hardwood floors throughout the first floor.

This is the bathroom off the dining room. The "main" bathroom, if you will. The previous owners encased the original clawfoot tub, in marble. They put in more terrazzo flooring. The vanity top was marble, a different marble than that enclosing the tub.

This is the hallway that's basically in the middle of the house, between the bathroom, dining room, steps to the upstairs and our old "master" bedroom

These are the original, main steps to the upstairs.

The previous owners also put that little window in the bathroom upstairs overlooking the stairs. I guess they wanted natural light from the window in the stairs?

See bathroom below. It's shagadelic. It has hot pink carpeting.
I am not sure what that hole over the tub is for.

Meet GITMO. This was one of the bedrooms upstairs that we lovingly nicknamed "Gitmo." This was also our temporary guest room.
Sorry mom and dad.
Today, this is our oldest's bedroom. Don't worry. We renovated all of this already. Pics to come. :)

This was our "Packers" kitchen. Stay with me. We are still on the second floor. They made the second floor into inlaws' quarters, and because they put a kitchen on the second floor, they had to create a second set of stairs, which is why they removed the closet in our oldest's old bedroom on the first floor-to make room for a second exit in case of a fire.

Here's what I find funny though. I am sure that was in keeping with "code." For safety. But I am pretty sure that nothing else in this house was done according to "code." Pretty certain.

Oh, the kitchen is gone now. It's now the nursery for Lobo 2.0

**Please take note of the faux brick carpeting.
Below is the "living room" in the inlaws' quarters, which is our master bedroom today.

Below are the second set of steps the previous owners put in so that in case of a fire in the second floor kitchen, there would be two ways to exit the second floor.

And that's all folks! Well, there's more, but I think that's enough for now.

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  1. You have to love the insanity of previous owners. Can't wait to see all of the after photos.