Friday, January 7, 2011

So we bought an ugly house...

In fact, it wasn't just ugly, it was, in all likelihood, THE ugliest house in Oak Park, IL, a suburb 10 miles west of downtown Chicago. We purchased the house in the Fall of 2008, and up until Fall 2010, for two years, when people would come to visit, in giving them directions I would say, "Head south on x street. We are on that first block in, on the west side of the street. Look for the ugliest house on the block. Trust me, you will KNOW which one."

Here's what we were dealing with. I think back, and I am pretty sure we should have been committed when we bought this house. I don't mean committed to the house....I mean insane asylum committed.

Come on, admit it. You're jealous. :P

In case you are wondering, YES, that is mismatched siding, YES, that is terrazzo going up the front of my house (just to the right of the front door), YES those are all mismatched windows, and NO I don't know what those squares above the door are. Even now, that the front of the house remodel is done, I am still not sure what those cardboard/wallpapery squares were intended to be.

Even the flower beds were imprisoned by terrazzo.

Now I know that terrazzo, when done right, can be beautiful.

But that was not the case here. Just take my word for it. This house had more terrazzo than a mall, or all of South Florida, or heck, even the Pope.

Don't believe me?

Exhibit A: The "foyer"

The POs enclosed the former front porch and created a "foyer" with terrazzo flooring and steps up to the living room. They also dug out steps to get to the basement. Those steps were also terrazzo. My entire basement's flooring is terrazzo. And the bathroom, and the hallway, and part of the kitchen....Ok, you get the point. Sorry for the tangent.

In any event, the terrazzo'd foyer was not insulated. It was a cryogenics vault in the winter.
Below is a view from the living room down to the front door. You can kind of see the steps going down to the basement.

And here are the afters

I will be back with pictures of the foyer in a jiff!

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