Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So someone stole my iphone4...

My iphone4 was stolen.

First thing I did was go to the google. Apparently, there's a whole website dedicated to Mac Rumors ergo, where cases like these have been discussed at length. I studied said threads for no avail. The Mac gods are against me.

I think I might cry.

I had the iphone from the stone ages (the original) for 3 years. It was falling apart on me, but the guilt of having paid the full price back then kept me from upgrading.
This last December I finally bit the bullet and upgraded.

On Monday, I went to a local children's museum called Wonderworks. I was checking email just as we were packing up to leave. That's the last time I saw it. Yesterday, I checked our online account, and there were calls made from my phone to several phone numbers I don't recognize. I suspended my account.

Unfortunately for me, I never added the "find my phone" app. I live in another universe apparently because I didn't even know what that was until a couple of days ago.

Woe is me. :(

So I am writing this post to tell you! If you have an iphone, you MUST download that app. Also, please add a passcode. My husband has this. I suffer from severe mommy brain, and I really have no excuse as to why I never added this.

My heart is broken. I may have to go back to my stone age iphone that barely works since I am not eligible for an upgrade given that I JUST bought an iphone. I would have to pay $500 for a new iphone. Crumby, greedy corporate America. :(

I am so upset at the poor excuse for a person that took my iphone4, but I am even more upset at the absolutely horrid customer service AT&T provides.

The CS rep told me that I MAY be eligible for an "exceptional upgrade" in June. Apparently, these are early upgrades that are completely up to the store manager. AYFKM? My eligibility for a new iphone is completely dependent on whether the store manager's eggs were over easy or fried THAT morning? Whether there were coffee grinds in his cup of joe? You get the point.

I guess I am going to patiently wait till June, unless my phone completely dies before then. At which point I will march my heiny into AT&T and threaten (like everyone else will soon be doing) to leave to Verizon! Take that "evil empire." hmmmph.

To make matters worse, I gave my old iphone to our 4 y/o. How the heck am I going to get it back? Dealing with him may be more difficult than dealing with AT&T. I may have lots of splaining to do.


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  1. This has been my worst fear since getting the iPhone 4 in December. Thanks for the heads up on the app...downloading it right now!

    Great blog, by the way, found you via Yelp.