Monday, January 17, 2011

Motivational Mondays

I have always loved quotes. Any time I am feeling a little worn down, and I read a motivational quote, it really helps me to regroup and kick back into high gear to get things done. Well, it is Monday, and that's typically the day of the week most of us need a little push, so I have decided to start a series called Motivational Mondays. Be sure to check back on Monday mornings if you need an extra push along with your coffee.


  1. Hey....It's Dave. From apartment therapy. Thanks for the nice comment that you is always fun to hear that people 'right click' me...I like being inspiration! Great kitchen makeover...I wish that I could magically grow my kitchen by about 200 square feet. It would make the 72" wide stove seem a little less intimidating!

  2. This is effectively the same thing that Alex Bogusky formerly from CP+B is obsessed with. He's "never worked a day in his life," while he was in advertising. "Cause it isn't work if you love it."

  3. Dave! Thanks for the comment. :)Your apartment is TOTALLY inspiring. Can't wait till you redecorate once again.

    Iggy pops, it's true.