Thursday, January 13, 2011

Etsy Art Love

Floating, sewn print by tastesorangey-This one is going over my bed.

A book about moss and lichen, vol 1, by rogerjporter

Les Cuilleres by evajuliet-She has beautiful kitchen art.

Grace's Parasol by janethillstudio- one of my favorite etsy shops.
She has beautiful, feminine, and vibrat giclees of her original oil paintings.

Memories of Fall, Hopes of Spring by ElizabethOcean

Lop-eared Rabbit, from the I am not who you think I am series by ElizabethOcean.
This one is perfect of a nursery.
ElizabethOcean's watercolor prints are absolutely beautiful.
They have a wonderfully vintage feel and a great sense of humor.

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